NOTE: The information on this page is complementary to the IRC Rule text and does not remove any obligation to read and comply with the IRC Rules.

Acceptable sources of data

Help with mathematical formulae used in the IRC Rule

Rules for Endorsement of IRC certificates (PDF) updated 2014

IRC worksheet (PDF) Print this and use it to collect the data for your application. Please do NOT use this as an application or input sheet!

IRC Measurement manual 2016 (PDF)

Sail input sheet (for sailmakers and official measurers) from 1/1/16 (Excel)

IRC weight & measurement input sheet (for official measurers) from 1/1/16 (Excel)

IRC keel types

IRC aft rigging drawings. Full paper  

IRC lead in keel fins. Full paper

IRC Measurement Condition What needs to be aboard (or not) for measuring Boat Weight, Overhangs and Draft

Bulb Weight clarification of what is included 

Bulb weight measurement

Measurement drawings *including new guidance on measuring x and h (and when to measure it) 24/2/12

Simple measurement guides - rig and sails *note at present these show pre-2016 abbreviations

Single Roller Furling Headsail – Maximum size for a Heavy Weather Jib

Guidelines for photographing your boat (PDF)

Headsail Upper (7/8) Width - HUW - default sizes for pre-2013 sails January 2013

ISAF ERS Q&A relating to headsail head point (January 2012)

ORC equivalent data abbreviations

ISAF Equipment Rules of Sailing (ERS) 2013-2016


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