Valid Rating Listings

UPDATE 25 January 2024

If you import the CSV listing into your scoring or other software, please note that we are updating the listing file format tonight and it will include the following changes: “Headsails” header becomes “Single Furling Headsail”. The output for that column will change to: No, Yes, Yes + H/W Jib* (*H/W jib option only valid for southern hemisphere boats).

There will then be three new columns “Headsails”, “Flying Headsails” and “Spinnaker”. The output is an integer number and is the maximum number declared for each sail type. For southern hemisphere boats (Racing Area > 399) the Headsails field will be 0 as that is not required until 1 June.


This listing is that which supplies clubs running IRC events with the information they may require. Please note that it does not include the design of the boat (to prevent possible abuse) or any more data than the basic LH and draft, which some events use for berthing arrangements etc. The listing is updated every evening (UK time).

User notes

Please check that you have cookies enabled in your browser, as it requires this to remember that you have ticked the conditions acceptance box. MAC users may experience difficulties enabling cookies. Try using Chrome or Firefox, and the following advice may help: .Please note that the listing may take a few seconds to appear on your screen. The listing can be downloaded to your computer in csv format by clicking on the link above the on-screen list.