1.       The IRC Rating Review Committee is jointly chaired by the members of the IRC Technical Committee. There are 4 additional members, two from each of the IRC rating offices.

2.       Any two of the six members may form an IRC Rating Review Panel and act independently of the other members of the committee, except that for reviews of designs rated by both rating offices, there shall be at least one member from each rating office.

3.       The RORC Rating Office additional members of the IRC Rating Review Committee are Jenny Howells and Andrew Yates.

4.       The UNCL Centre de Calcul additional members of the IRC Rating Review Committee are Matthieu Achard and Ludovic Abollivier.

5.       Owners wishing to request a review of the rating of their own or another boat will complete an IRC rating review form available from their local IRC Rule Authority. The completed form is returned to the owner's local IRC Rule Authority who will forward it on to the IRC Rating Authority.

6.       As permitted by IRC Rules 9.1 and 9.2, the IRC Rating Authority may charge a fee. This fee will normally be waived for the first review application by an owner. Subsequent applications will normally be charged a fee which will not be greater than £100 without prior notice.

7.       The IRC Rating Authority will acknowledge receipt of the request as soon as reasonably possible.

8.       IRC rating reviews will be conducted in accordance with IRC rules 9 and 10 and will include as appropriate inspection of the boat's datafile for obvious errors, a check for completeness of information, and confirmation that Hull Factor has been correctly assessed using current methodology.

9.       The IRC Rating Authority will use its best endeavours to produce a response within 15 working days of receipt of the request.

10.     Review responses will normally be on the second sheet of the review application form, but may be in any reasonable format.

11.     IRC Rating Reviews are normally confidential to the review parties, their IRC Rule Authority or Authorities, and the IRC Rating Authority. The IRC Rating Authority may waive this confidentiality at its entire discretion.

12.     A summary record of all reviews conducted will be maintained confidentially by the IRC Rating Authority.


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