Copy Certificate Policy

IRC Rule 8.14: On request and payment of a fee, and in accordance with any administrative rules published by the Rating Authority, the Rating Authority may supply a copy of a boat’s valid or immediately expired IRC certificate, including owner name, to any interested party.

To protect IRC from abuse, the Rating Authority has a policy regarding the number and cost of copy certificates as follows.

(Prices shown are those charged in GBP by the RORC Rating Office – these may vary in different countries as a result of exchange rates)

  • First 10 copies £14.00 each (ex VAT)
  • Further 10 copies £50 each (ex VAT)
  • Further 10 copies £100 each (ex VAT)
  • No further copies will be permitted.
  • No more than 5 copies of any single design class will be allowed.

The Rating Authority reserves the right to alter this policy at any time at its entire discretion.

Payment must be made at the time of request.

Note that it is only possible to purchase a copy of a boat’s most recent valid certificate.