New to IRC?

Are you are considering IRC racing but don’t know where to start with getting a rating, or what is involved? Perhaps you have friends who race IRC, or your club has just introduced an IRC class?

To dispel a common misconception that IRC is only for serious racers, this is not the case. IRC rates all types of boats from dayboats through to large heavy classics, and every type in between!   If you are new to any sort of yacht racing, have a look at our article about how to start racing.

On this site you can find Frequently asked Questions, rules and regulations and additional information, advice to race organisers and other information which applies worldwide.  We have Rule Authorities (IRC ‘agents’) in a large number of countries worldwide, so the first thing to do is look here to see if there is a contact for your country.

Help with measurements:

For production boats we are likely to hold standard hull data – that is the length, beam, draft, weight and bow and stern overhangs, and bulb weight if appliable.  That means that we only need the rig and sail measurements, plus the additional details which are specific to your boat, such as furling headsails and propeller type so the rating reflects your boat’s specific configuration.

You can find some simplified measurement guidance on this site. This section is a work in progress so if you have any ideas for other ‘simplified guidance’ that is not already covered elsewhere on this site, please e-mail us.

If you prefer a measurer to come and help then your Rule Authority can arrange that too.  The measurement page gives lots of advice about how to measure to the IRC Rules.

Further advice

Once you have had a browse around the site, if you have more questions please talk to your Rule Authority, or use the contact form on this site if you are in a Country without a Rule Authority.

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