Rules Regarding New Boats And Design Trials

As you may be aware, apart from the trial certificates which can be run for a currently rated boat, we also offer trial certificates for new boats and designs.

To avoid any grey areas, we will be changing our policy slightly regarding this. Please note the following which will be applied from Jan 1st 2004.

1. For designs (including one-offs) that are still on the drawing board, ie. not built or in-build, and none on the water, we will run a “design trial” which may be at a reduced fee. As soon as a boat to that design is built then that boat must make a full application for a valid certificate.

2. For existing boats or designs ie. there are boats to the design built, where a trial is required by an owner/agent/designer for the design rather than for a specific boat, the full new application fee will apply. Specific boats must make a full normal application.

The limit on the number of trials that may be run in one certificate year remain the same.