IRC Notice 2017-01 re Rule 13.2 sail measurement

This Notice modifies ERS H.5.4 as permitted by H.5.4 (f).

IRC Rule 13.2 is amended with immediate effect to read:

13.2 Measurements shall be taken in accordance with ERS Part 3 – Rules Governing Equipment Control and Inspection. ERS H.5.4 is amended by the addition of:

The batten specified in ERS H.5.4. shall be a standard 1m World Sailing blue batten unless an alternative length batten is required to achieve a consistent measurement in which case the measurer shall use a batten of consistent bend characteristics and length appropriate to the sail being measured except that the batten shall not be longer than the greater of 1m or 25% of foot length. If a batten longer than 1m is used, the measurer shall report the batten length to the Rating Authority.

Note: This amendment also applies to IRC 2016 rules still applicable in ‘South’ countries.

IRC Technical Committee
2 May 2017