Offshore Worlds Scoring and Class Limits News

Scoring plan and new class rating limits announced for 2018 the Hague Offshore World Championship.

Held 12-20 July 2018, this will be the first Offshore World Championship event using both IRC and ORC ratings.

Organizers from the 2018 The Hague Offshore Sailing World Championship, in consultation with the Offshore Racing Congress (ORC) and the Royal Ocean Racing Club (RORC), have announced the scheme for scoring this first World Championship to use both the international IRC and ORC rating systems. The event is being held at Scheveningen Marina in The Hague over 12-20 July 2018.

All competing entries must have valid IRC Endorsed and ORC International certificates, and a change to the Notice of Race (NOR) has been issued that specifies:

– IRC results will be determined by corrected times calculated by Time on Time using single number TCC.

– ORC results will be determined by corrected times calculated by Time-on-Time Offshore Single Number for the offshore races and Time-on-Time Triple Number for the inshore races.

– Each race will be scored with a finishing place determined using ORC ratings and IRC ratings, with the two summed up.

– The final race score will be scored according to RRS A4 (First = 1 point, Second = 2 points, etc – see Race 1 example below), and if there is a tie the points assigned will be the shared equally among the tied boats (Race 2 example below).

Examples of this scoring scheme are as follows:

Hague Offshore Scoring Examples

In addition, inshore races and the first offshore race will have a scoring coefficient of 1.0, while the second offshore race will have a scoring coefficient of 2.0. And the championship is valid if at least 4 inshore races and 1 offshore race or at least 3 inshore races and 2 offshore races are completed.

One discard of worst results will be allowed when 6 discardable races are completed. Discardable races include any inshore race and the first offshore race if the second offshore race is completed. The second offshore race shall not be discarded, and the first offshore race shall not be discarded if second offshore race is not completed.

And since the rules for both the IRC and ORC systems are in effect, the NOR amendment also states that a breach of any rule in either system that results in a disqualification or scoring penalty in a race will apply to the final race score.

In addition, with the 2018 ORC VPP ready to launch soon after the first of the new year, the CDL limits on ORC certificates are now modified in an amendment to the NOR to reflect the slight shift in 2018 ORC fleet ratings that will define the three classes racing at the event:

– Class A: 16.5 ≥ CDL > 11.6
– Class B: 11.6 ≥ CDL > 9.80
– Class C: 9.80 ≥ CDL > 8.60

The 2018 The Hague Offshore Sailing World Championship has thusfar attracted strong interest from 111 boats registered from 18 countries: 11 in Class A, 27 in Class B and 73 in Class C. The first deadline for receiving a €250-300 discount on the entry fee is at the end of the month, 31 December.

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