IRC Rule Changes 2020

Several Rule changes were approved by IRC Congress for the new season, a summary is shown below and links to the full details and rule text.

IRC Rule Changes 2020 – summary
• Rule 8.2 has been updated to clarify that a certificate must be valid for the country in
which the boat is racing.
• Rule 8.2.1 allows the number of spinnakers to be changed for a short-handed
• Whisker poles: IRC rule 21.3.5 has been amended to clarify that whisker poles are
permitted with an impact to TCC. In Appendix 1 the STL definition now includes
whisker pole, and a new Whisker Pole IRC definition has been added.
• Rule 22.1 now includes the Inshore Racing Category.
• Rule 21.4 Sailcloth is deleted and reference to exotic materials has been moved to
Rule 21.2.2 Rig Factor. The IRC Rating Authority will maintain a list of exotic
sailcloths (currently none).
• Rule 22.3 Moveable Ballast and Variable Ballast has been re-written in consideration
of a proposed new rating methodology.
• Bulb Weight definition has been amended to include any part of the fin foot below the
upper surface of the bulb.

Full details of the Rule Changes including the background to the change.

Full IRC 2020 Rule text with diagrams

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