IRC Race Management guidelines updated

The IRC rating Race Management Guidelines offer advice to race organisers for racing under IRC Rules. They include guidance and suggestions that a race organiser may wish to consider and give suitable wording that may be used in a Notice of Race, while allowing the freedom for these to be tailored to specific circumstances or the local fleet.

Subjects covered by the guidelines include crew limitations and ways to encourage youth and female crews, different ways to split your fleet into appropriate classes, protest limits, certificate validity and rating changes. The guidelines have recently been updated with the addition of the new secondary certificate and the subsequent importance of setting a suitable rating deadline, and suggestions for events that wish to allow autopilots.

If you organise IRC racing, whether a local regatta or an international offshore event, we encourage you to read the updated document and related information on the IRC website:

RORC IRC National Championship 2022 - IRC 3 start Image: RORC/Rick TomlinsonRORC IRC National Championship 2022 - IRC 3 start Image: RORC/Rick Tomlinson