Endorsement – what are the advantages?

We are, on occasion, asked what the point is in going to the time and expense of getting an Endorsed IRC certificate? To expand on that question….

What is an Endorsed certificate anyway?

An Endorsed certificate is one where the weight and measurements have been verified or checked to ensure they don’t favour the boat. This usually involves some measurement, and possibly weighing although this is an option for production boats for which we hold plenty of data. One-offs require full measurement.

To find out what would be required for your own boat, please contact your IRC Rule Authority in the first instance.

There is no effect on rating simply by having an Endorsed certificate or not. The only effect is from any variation in data.

Do I need to have an Endorsed certificate to race IRC?

There is no requirement for weighing and measurement in the IRC Rules, since IRC is a self-measurement system. However, some events will require in their Notice of Race that entrants hold an Endorsed IRC certificate.   You will therefore need to check the events that you wish to enter to see what they require.

In addition, Rule Authorities in some countries such as Australia and Ireland have a general policy that IRC certificates must be Endorsed, or that boats must be weighed; please check with your individual Rule Authority.

So, why go to the bother if I don’t need it for the events I am doing?

  1. You will know your IRC rating is based on actual measured data, rather than standard or design data.
  2. Many owners feel more confident knowing that the data on their certificate has been measured by a professional.
  3. Your competitors will be satisfied about the accuracy of your rated data, and less likely to protest your rating when you beat them!
  4. Ratings for production boats often reduce when they are weighed and measured, since standard hull data is based on the lightest weighed boat where available. However, a reduced rating is not guaranteed, as it all depends on the actual measurements obtained!

Once I’ve got it, does the Endorsement last forever?

Generally yes, as long as nothing is changed on the boat!   Any changes, or new sails (even if designed to the same size), must be declared and will need verification in order to keep the Endorsed status. However some Rule Authorities may require more regular checks on data, as is their prerogative.

For more information about Endorsement for your boat, please contact your IRC Rule Authority.


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