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Marseille 2017 IRC European Championship unveiled 

The Marseille 2017 IRC European Championship will be organized by the Union Nationale pour la Course au Large (UNCL), the Cercle Nautique et Touristique du Lacydon (CNTL), the Société Nautique de Marseille (SNM) and the Union Nautique Marseillaise (UNM), from the 5th to the 9th July 2017 in Marseille. The event will be officially launched on Saturday 10th December 2016, 3.30 PM, at the UNCL stand at Paris Boat Show, in the presence of the Presidents of the 4 organizing clubs.

It will be the second edition of this international competition, after a first and successful one held in Cork in July 2016.
All the IRC rated boats, with a TCC equal or more than 0.900, are invited to participate to the Marseille 2017 IRC European Championship.

Crews from Belgium, France, Italy, Spain and United Kingdom, among others, have already announced their intention to participate to this new challenge.

Union Nationale pour la Course au Large
Centre Nautique Paris Boulogne
Face au 36 quai Alphonse Le Gallo – 92100 Boulogne sur Seine
Ph/Fax: 00 33 1 46 04 17 80 / 00 33 1 46 04 17 73

UNCL at Paris Boat Show 2016: Hall 1-J1, (shared stand with the Yacht Club de France).

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