Azuree 40

azuree 40 sFor sailors who expect higher performance without compromising on comfort, the Azuree 40 Fast Cruiser version is just for you. With her carbon hybrid hull and deck giving her lighter displacement, and a taller aluminum performance mast which increases mainsail area, the Azuree 40 Fast Cruiser is both responsive and a joy to sail. The performance keel, rod rigging and dyneema ropes are provided as standard features with this version

For those who prefer the Cruiser version, the standard bowspirit allows the use of additional sails such as an optional code 0 or gennaker. This is an important advantage enabling you to meet your performance expectations while sailing. Fully adjustable mainsail and genoa track cars can allow for easy sail handling. All of these are just a few of the features that make your cruising experience enjoyable. The Azuree 40 Cruiser has a special place among cruising class vessels in terms of high performance with her wide range of sailing appeal.

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