Seascape 27

seascape_27_sThe Seascape 27 features powerful hull lines with a beam limited to 2.54 metres in order to conform to the road transport standards. Beside better performance

in most conditions compared to the more traditional lines, her hull shape also provides a stiffer, more forgiving boat with a bigger internal volume.

Carbon fibre and modern engineering allowed us to go for a mast with no backstay and continuous rigging. The 11m tall mast also features cutter rig with a genoa on a classic forestay, and jib on inner stay.

Despite the fact that Seascape 27 controls are simplified to the essentials, they allow enough trimming options to get the maximum out of the boat performance. Implementation of the retracting/removing bowsprit, gennaker snuffer and other controls allow the boat to adapt to the multiple purposes she was built for.

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