The following designs are rated as One-Designs in IRC and may use the OD simplified application form. Please request this form from your Rule Authority.

1D 35
8m OD
Beneteau 25 OD
Club Swan 50
Contessa 32 OD
Cork 1720 Sportsboat
Farr 30 IOD (ex Mumm 30)
Farr 36M (ex Mumm 36)
Farr 40OD (masthead spinnaker)
Farr 45 (masthead spinnaker)
Farr 45 (fractional spinnaker)
Formula One
Fun OD
Hunter 27 OD
Hunter 707 OD
Impala 28 OOD Inboard
Impala 28 OOD Outboard
J 22 OD
J 24 OD
J 70 OD
J 80 OD
J 100 OD with lifelines
J 100 OD without lifelines
JOD 35
Ker 11.3 OD
Lavranos 26 OD
Lightwave 395 OD with keel shoe
Lightwave 395 OD without keel shoe
Melges 24 OD
Melges 32 OD
OOD 34
Pacer 27S OD
Platu 25 (Thailand)
Prima 38 OD
RS Elite OD
SB20 OD (ex Laser SB3)
Sigma 33 OOD
Sigma 38 OOD
Sonar OD
Sonata OD
Soto 40 OD
Stadt 23 OD
Swan 45 OD
Swan 60CR (08) OD
Swan NY 42 OD
Sydney 32 OD
Sydney 38 OD fractional spinnaker
Viper 640 OD
Volvo Ocean 65 OD
VX One
X 35 OD
X 99 OD (small spinnaker)
X 99 OD (large spinnaker)

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